field recordings, electronics, voice

Florence Cats is an artist, acupuncturist and curator from brussels. her work includes text, sound, drawing, painting, video, installation and performance.
cats working process is let open for natural elements to occur freely and each of her proposal is in tune with a context, a space, an environment. As a sound artist she combines improvisation, poems, field recording and noise. As a performer she uses theremin, voice, breath and interference to interact with silence and surrounding sounds. Her special concern for the question of the embodiment of air appears also in her transparent colors paintings.

After several years of nomadic life Cats lives in Brussels, close to the forest. She studied urban & rural spaces at ENSAV la Cambre, and Acupuncture at IEATC, Paris. As an experimental musician, she was part of the duo « éole cristal » (2016-2021) and she produced the album “Correspondances” released on Frissons Label (2021), she also had theremin performance at ÉTÉ78 and Festival Peridion in 2021.

As a curator she established the series of group shows in Brussels related to fluid, sign and transmutation ; « here come the waves » (Project(ion) Room, 2020), « un signe dans l’espace » ( Le Maga, 2021) and « élixirs » ( Pelgrims house, 2021). In 2018 she was on a three-months residency at Academia Belgica in Rome with her partner Joseph Charroy, which was followed by an exhibition at the art space 10-12 (2019) in Brussels, and the publication of a book, Lavori in corso (2020) at Primitive Editions. In the summer of 2022 she will be in sound residence at Q-o2.

I live next to the forest, from my window point I can see the river of treetops and hear the fluidity of the wind carrying the birds carillon. I placed the microphone a bit outside and amplified this singing silence with a light delay in order to interact with the theremin. As I was preparing the space, a bird came flying in front of the window, hovering to look inside, incredible vision. Then, during the recording, my cat meowed from outside and climbed the fence of the low garden wall. I think both of them had felt my telepathic disposition.

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