field recordings, electronics, photography, drawing

Ines Lechleitner is an interdisciplinary artist, photographer and cook based in Berlin. Ines Lechleitner combines media such as photography, drawing, sculpture, sound, film, cooking and scent in her installations, performances and artist books. She researches non-verbal and multispecies communication and creates situations of dialogue with artists and scientists.

Ines Lechleitner has held various teaching positions and is active as a freelance photographer and cook. She currently works at glow and lobe Berlin.
She is a member of SALOON, a professional network of women in the arts, and FLUSS – Society for the promotion of photographic and media arts, AT. Until 2019 she was a member of Errant Sound project space.
Ines Lechleitner is currently focusing on photographic women portraits, creative workshops and website photography for cultural projects.

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