Nicolas Wiese

samples, mixing desks, feedback, digital and analogue layering

Nicolas Wiese (*1976, Itzehoe/Germany) is an audiovisual artist, graphic designer and composer/performer of electroacoustic music. He studied Sound Art, Design, Ilustration, Philosophy and Sociology. He lives and works in Berlin since 2006.
He creates works in different formats and media, for various contexts – installation and spatial performance, contemporary electronic composition, relational and improvised music, graphic art, drawing, collage, radio and experimental film. Nicolas Wiese is the co-founder/curator of the intermedia and cooperation art space Quiet Cue in Berlin. Performances, installations, screenings have taken place at: (selection) Festival Hoerensehen 2.0 / Berlinische Galerie (Berlin), Teheran Annual Digital Art Exhibition 2012 (Teheran), Rapid Ear Movement / Museum Weserburg (Bremen), De Witte Zaal (Gent), Festival SONIKAS (Madrid), Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht (Vienna), Weezie Galerie fuer zeitgenoessische Kunst (Leipzig), Imprimerie (Basel), Hunt Gallery (St. Louis, USA), Miden Video Art Festival (Kalamata, Greece), EMIHAL / Haus am Lützowplatz (Berlin), 1st Roaming Tehran Biennial in Istanbul, Belgrad und Berlin, Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe (Hamburg), ETH Digital Arts Week (Zurich), ArtMuse Festival / LWL Landesmuseum (Bocholt), Duotone Arts Festival (Kelowna, Canada), Altera! Festival (Avellino, Italy), Atelier Mommen (Brussels), Wohlfahrt (Rotterdam), British Film Institute (London).

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