turntables, electronics

Since 2009, Thorsten Soltau works exclusively with concrete audio material, plundered data carriers and vinyl sources and leaves his first proper use of digital manipulation behind. Influenced by early electronic music and the avantgarde cut-up techinques of musical and non-musical sources Thorsten Soltau decided to teach himself a form of a musical language of strange, two-dimensional musique concrete and jarring rhythms. In 2010 Thorsten Soltau created a second alias: The Elecctent People is a mysterious so-called umbrella project, where artists have the ability to perform without showing their real identities. He’s the founder of the m.m label, dedicated to plunderphonics, contemporary musique concrete and fluxus. Thorsten Soltau is an active member of Hörbar, Hamburg. Cooperations, recordings with and remixes for sound artists like: Alexei Borisov, Giovanni Di Stefano, Stefan Roigk, Herr Penschuck, Margitt Holzt, … Live Performances include two invitations to the Avantgardefestival Schiphorst. His composition Tierbeobachtungen im Merz premiered at swiss state Radio DRS2.

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