Wendelin Büchler

prepared guitar, theremin, drawing

Wendelin Büchler is the founder of Corvo Records Vinyl & Sound Art Production. His background is visual art and music. He has been working for several years with prepared guitar and electronic devices like theremin, fans or tape recorder in the field of free improvised music, sound art and audio-visual performance.
His work as visual artist is recently focussed on large format graphite drawings and documentary drawings, executed in a short time in public spaces. Wendelin Büchler is also responsible for the layout, most of the artworks and the visual concept behind Corvo Records. As a curator he established the series for experimental music & sound art emihal in Berlin (2012-2013). He founded and curated the series for contemporary music Max.Experimentell and Serious Entertainment and organized concerts for the Plattform für aktuelle Musik, Stuttgart. Furthermore he was artistic director of the S’Block Festival of advanced music, audio visual art & performance in Stuttgart, 2009. He teaches visual arts and is lecturer for media ethics at the design department of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University.

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