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  • Participating artists, edited by Kristof Georgen
  • Gilles Aubry, Bewernitz/Goldowski
  • Marek Brandt
  • Julia Bünnagel
  • Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
  • Yati Durant
  • Jorn Ebner
  • Richard Eigner
  • Kerstin Ergenzinger
  • Luca Forcucci
  • Dani Gal
  • Kristof Georgen
  • Jasmine Guffond
  • David Helbich
  • Zosia Hołubowska
  • Timo Kahlen
  • Anton Kats
  • Georg Klein
  • Bojana S. Knežević / BOASZ
  • Heimo Lattner
  • Mattin
  • Claudia Molitor
  • Nik Nowak
  • Stefan Roigk
  • Charlotte Simon (DJ Carl)
  • Phillip Sollmann
  • Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag
  • Wolfram Spyra
  • Erwin Stache
  • Tina Tonagel
  • Michael Trommer
  • Melanie Windl

This LP was born out of a data leak:
In 2022, the opening of the position of Professor for Sound Art at a German Art Academy attracted the applications of a broad, international panorama of sound artists. After the position was filled, the email rejection to all other applicants was sent by mistake by the university with an open distribution list (cc).

Kristof Georgen, one of the applicants used this mishap to develop a concept for a collective sound art project, inviting the artists included in the open cc to send a 60-second sound piece.

A group of 32 artist who were prepared to understand a record as a group work, followed the invitation – the result is „60 Seconds Each“. The fragmentation of many music scenes during the pandemic, which still lingers today, is countered here with a statement.

This heterarchical approach transformed the application competition into an artistic cooperation which ultimately became a very diverse compilation, a one of a kind „Salon des Refusés“ of sound art.
The time limitation of an LP and the restricting concept of 60 seconds stands as an antithesis to the unmanageable and boundless characteristic of the data leak.

This reduction to the essential determines also the visual concept of the release. Fragments of redacted email addresses of the participating artists, forming a cloud of unreadable data which merges into the background of the cover art are an essential part of the design.
The 60-second grid also structures the vinyl groove into a strict visual pattern, which can be read as small chunks of each participating artist’s work.

In the record is included a 10-page essay by art, design and music researcher, curator and DJ, Prof. Dr. Holger Lund.



Release date: 15 October 2023
180g Vinyl  + 10 page inlay + digital download
32 min.
limited to 300 hand numbered copies
core 024


  • Various Artists, edited by Kristof Georgen
  • Concept & production: Kristof Georgen
  • Executive Producer: Wendelin Büchler
  • Mastered by: Norman Nitzsche, Calyx-Mastering, Berlin
  • Graphic design: Bureau Progressiv, Stuttgart
  • Liner notes: Holger Lund
  • © by the artists 2023
  • Funded by Neustart Kultur / Stiftung Kunstfond

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